Custom House Visitor Centre

Sensori FM carried out the role of Main Contractor and PSCS on the construction and M&E refurbishment at the OPW Custom House Visitors Centre, Custom House Quay, Dublin 1

The Custom House is a monumental landmark in Dublin that has reopened this historic building to the public, following the 100-year anniversary on 25 May 2021 of the burning of the Custom House. It falls under the management of OPW National Historic Properties.

The Custom House Visitors Centre is within the main Custom House, where various government departments are located, so the building was live throughout the works. Health and safety were of the highest priority.

This project required an innovative approach to overcome the unique complexities of working in a 200-year-old, protected structure. Detailed planning and procedures ensured particular care was taken to protect the architectural integrity of the building. Our team constructed bespoke scaffolding for this site during the planning stage.

Sensori FM implemented rigorous project controls to monitor the installation works and minimise impact on the surrounding environment. OPW conservation experts and architects were consulted throughout.


  • Restoration works delivered by our specialist teams:
    • Specialist deep cleaning
    • Repairs to stonework, solid ash floors, lime plaster, floor tiles, and heritage staircases,
    • Painting
    • New and refurbished joinery
    • French polishing
    • Installation of fire stopping, fire compartmentation, fire doors, and suspended ceilings
    • Internal demolition works: kitchen, offices

Sensori FM worked closely with the OPW to source matching stone, to fill the gaps that occurred following the removal of redundant services.

  • Electrical works:
    • Fire detection and alarm systems
    • CCTV, access control, intruder alarm
    • New lighting and emergency lighting
    • General services upgrade and new power
    • Fuse boards and final circuit distribution boards
    • Switchgear replacement
    • Heat curtain and sliding door
    • Earthing, main supplementary and equipotential bonding
    • Audio visual installation
    • Data cabling,
    • Building management system
    • New reception desk and fixtures
    • New bathroom electrical fittings

Sensori FM facilitated access to, and the refurbishment of, internal pitched roof lights above the two main stairwells. A ‘wall of lights’ was installed and concealed from view behind the window risers, using a specially constructed ‘Uni-Strut’ frame and blackout curtains. Future access to these lights was facilitated in collaboration with OPW, with the design and construction of a specialised folding railway track system for access to the lights as required.

  • Mechanical works:
    • Alteration of heating pipework
    • Servicing to radiators
    • Water services
    • New under sink water heaters
    • New bathroom plumbing accessories